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Aspects and Effectiveness of Contraceptive Implants in Family Planning
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Contraceptive implants refer to smaller but flexible rod that gets inserted under one’s skin in the upper arm for family planning. After its placement in the named part of the body, the rod can stay there up to three years. As research indicates, it works by releasing progestogen hormone, identical to the one that is produced by the ovaries (“Contraceptive implant,” 2018). This report aims to give a summary, of information derived from a journal, whose link is provided at the references section. Furthermore, this report gives insights on how this information can be applied in the nursing career.
Accordingly, the effectiveness of the contraceptive greatly depends on one’s age, the rate of having sex and the aspect of following instructions. In instances that the instructions are carefully followed, it is 99% effective. Before having the implant inserted in the body, the doctor must get information about one’s family medical records, to determine whether one is fit. However, most women can have the implant fitted.
The advantages of the implant are that it can work for three years, and can be used even when one is breastfeeding. Furthermore, after it’s taken out, the fertility is not taken. However, it’s disadvantageous such that one’s menstrual periods can change, and can have some side effects. Also, it might lead to acne and does not protect against sexually transmitted …

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