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Article Summary Assignment

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Cognitive–Behavioral Therapy for Youth Anxiety
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Cognitive–Behavioral Therapy for Youth Anxiety: An Effectiveness Evaluation in Community Practice
Villabø, M., Narayanan, M., Compton, S., Kendall, P., & Neumer, S. (2018). Cognitive–behavioral therapy for youth anxiety: An effectiveness evaluation in community practice. Journal Of Consulting And Clinical Psychology, 86(9), 751-764. doi: 10.1037/ccp0000326
The main objective of the article was to investigate the main ways to cure cognitive anxiety disorders among the teens and youth using a various new type of medication invented. Through a comprehensive study, the authors are trying to establish a strength comparison between three types of medication, the ICBT, GCBT and the Wait List (WL).
According to the authors, the research was very necessary to prove to the medical practitioners that medical studies performed are relevant to all groups of patients and that tested medication could be used on patients with similar disorders (Villabø, Narayanan, Compton, Kendall & Neumer, 2018). The study conducted was to research on whether community-based therapy would be effective for youth patient with anxiety disorder.
For the research to be well conducted, the author asked a group of volunteer patients with anxiety disorder to join the program and see if any of the recommended ways of medication would work on the patients. The participants responde…

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