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Criminal Behavior: Article Review
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Criminal behavior
The article review for this paper is a news article that was published in the New York Times (New York Times, 2016). The article highlights the high rate of crime in the city of Chicago. Chicago city records among the highest number of homicides per year compared to other U.S cities. The city also has the largest spike in homicide cases according to data that was analyzed from 20-30-year-old records. The report compares data on crime between Chicago and New York while indicating the causes of the crimes. The article discusses a key element of criminal behavior that is the major aspect of the Social Disorganization Theory (Sacra, 2018). The theory is based on the idea that the physical location and social interactions determine the kind of decisions that a person makes.
According to the theory, physical location is a key determinant of criminal behavior. A person’s environment can influence criminal behavior. The theory also explains why some places or cities report higher crime rates than other cities. The theory also integrates the effect of social disorganization on criminal behavior and supports the idea that crime rates are high in transition zones. The article is an example of the impact of physical location and the social environment on crime.
The article discusses the key aspects of crime that make Chicago the leading city in crime. The use of guns in Chicago is significantly…

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