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1. The key findings and conclusions from the research
The recent research from Campbell University and North Carolina State University revealed that money is the major limiting factor to access to foods that are healthy (Bowen, MacNell & Shipman, 1). In addition, food deserts are produced in remote areas which are away from supermarkets, making it difficult for consumers in town to access them. However, the open deserts in corner stores are costly than the affordable greater variety of desserts available in production areas. However, there is a conflict of interest between the residents and stakeholders. While more consideration is being put in resolving the issue of physical access to food deserts, residents claim that their primary problem is their ability to purchase them. In this regard, Professor Bowen concludes that physical access to supermarkets or more magnificent variety deserts are not the major problems of the residents, but the insufficiency of money to purchase healthy food deserts (Bowen, MacNell & Shipman, 1).
2. Functionalism theory
a. Functionalism theory depicts the community as a system. This theory explains that various sectors are dependent on each other to enhance sustainability and normal operation of the society. According to functionalists, the organization has to combine their efforts to realize the best results. A conclusion can be drawn for this article for by encouraging togetherness a…

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