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Article review part two

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Protection of Sacred Places Part Two
Transition: Having expounded the struggles of the Native American in fighting to safeguard their holy places, I will discuss the present and future threats of these sacred sites.
The Navajo is a federally recognized tribe. However, the Navajo is experiencing abuse of decrees by state agencies because the state wants to resume mineral extraction and production on their sacred land without consulting the tribe (Helms).
These violations of rules regulating the protection of holy sites arise even in cases where the sacred places are in federal protection. The federal agencies fail to conduct discussions with the indigenous people adequately.
There is a threat of the resumption of uranium mining at Mount Taylor. Mining of uranium took place in 1953-1982 by the Jackpile Mine. Environmental Protection Agency’s National Priorities List ordered for the cleaning of the mine in December 2013. However, cleaning up is yet to be materialized. Rio Grande Resources are the current proponents of uranium mining.
The Navajo tribe is opposing the return of uranium mining. The indigenous tribe through Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment and Amigos Bravos have appealed against a permit that intends to regulate uranium extraction at Mount Taylor. The mining license by the New Mexico Mining and Minerals Division was signed in December 2017.
The Mining and Minerals Division seem lax in safeguarding the holy regi…

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