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Mearsheimer’s argument against the existence of offensive versus defensive realism is correct since the world cannot prevent war if defense gains an advantage over offense. Precisely, arms control as a measure of defensive realism cannot reduce war irrespective of the strategies undertaken to control conflicts. When states with offensive military capabilities have aggressive intentions, they usually fear each other due to possible attacks (Mearsheimer 425). The future objectives of such countries are often unknown. When countries gain power and become highly aggressive, they lack a higher authority that they can turn to for protection. It is vital to note that states link the logic behind power and aggression to the fact that they reside in a self-help world (Mearsheimer 425). Therefore, they have to be extremely powerful to survive in such a world. Such notions often result in states seeking to gain the upper hand at the expense of peace if they hope to survive.
Despite the pessimism associated with realist literature, it continues to be the most accurate tool for understanding events surrounding international relations. Realists ruminate that given the situation of anarchy, states possess the absolute power in the global system. Countries not only formulate bodies such as international organizations but also influence their actions. The Syrian conflict offers an excellent example that can be expl…

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