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The Selective Laziness of Human Reasoning
The article focuses on understanding the influence of human reasoning relation to perception, and viewpoint on issues. The psychological mechanism that influences the preference of one’s view towards their decisions and choices are termed as the choice blindness. In this article, the author, Tania Lombrozo helps to understand human reasoning towards the factors that influence their decisions and responses (Lombrozo 1). People fail to recognize their personal responses but tend to criticize other peoples, a process that the author defines as selective laziness of reasoning. This process is vested with bias towards personal reasoning, where people adapt the technique to evaluate their argument without recognizing their own as flawed.
The phrase, phenomenon replicated for choices in a variety of domain reflect on the choice people make to contemporary issues with a clouded judgment without considering the various views. Whereby, people develop a transfixed judgment and conclusion towards a political ideology. Also, in moral judgment, people are cautious towards their moral judgment and take a strong stand against the moral decisions of other people. For instance, people consider themselves morally upright than other despite their numerous flaws and this clouds their moral judgment towards those of the divergent moral view. Besides, people fail to reinforce theirown view or c…

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