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In the article, Sang-Hun gives an account of why a Japanese man was expelled from North Korea. The Japanese man, Tomoyuki Sugimoto, had traveled to North Korea on a tourist Visa only to be arrested on what the author considers flimsy grounds (Sang-Hun, 2018). Sugimoto was arrested after shooting footage of a military facility in Nampo. Although North Korean prohibits filming of military facilities, the nation has had numerous scuffles with Japan due to the abductee issue. North Korea has been detaining and even jailing Japanese who have committed crimes against humanity or the state. However, North Korea releases some of the detainees when a high ranking state officer from Japan visits the country. There are ongoing talks between the two neighboring nations with the primary motive of improving ties.
Crime and severity of a criminal offense vary from one nation. I chose the article because I wanted to understand the variation of crime in various countries around the world. North Korea has been in numerous scuffles with neighboring nations of Japan and South Korea, and my attention was drawn onto how the nation handle foreigners who are accused of committing an offense (Sang-Hun, 2018. In the discussion of International Variations of Crime in Chapter 3, it dawned on me that the severity of a given criminal act varies from one nation to another (Hagan, 2010). Unlike nations such as Switzerland, countries such as No…

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