Article discussion Correlation or causation

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Article discussion Correlation or causation

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Article Discussion: Correlation or Causation
Part 1
I drew my attention to one article special for USA TODAY by Traci Watson published on 23, January 2017. The article was titled “New study breaks down jet lag’s effect on major league ballplayers.” I took an interest in this article not only because of its unusual matter of discussion but also made me wonder how possible is it for anyone to show proof the effects that jet lag has on the performance of the ballplayers. In the article, Watson bases this presentation on the study carried out by Northwestern University neurobiologist. According to the study, the pro baseball teams that play at home rather than on the road are the ones whom jet lag takes a profound toll (Watson para1). Using the elaborate statistics, the writer brings out the significant correlation of jet lag with the poor performance, especially for home baseball. However, the term correlation does not appear in the article and regular uses “affect” to indicate there was a misinterpretation of correlation for causation.
Part 2
The article about Framing Flu prevention talks about the study that prevents infection of H1N1 Pandemic. This article brings out the various measures aimed at maintaining sanitation to prevent the disease from infecting people. The possible misinterpretation of the results from this article by news sources could be to associate the unhygienic and dirty environment as the causes of H1N1 Pande…

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