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Article and questions attached

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Article Submission #2
Answer the Following Items Below Your Response
Identify (5pts)
The author of the document is Amy Harmison.
The article is dated September 19, 2010 by the New York Times.
Analyze (5pts)
What are the main ideas of the source?
What purpose did the author have in mind when creating this source?
What may have motivated the author to create this source? The main idea of the article is a drug to cancer.
The author seems to have been focused on educating people on issues such as diseases by sharing the important information. It is a story of two cousins suffering from a menacing disease.
The author may have been motivated by the story of the patients since science is challenging ethics. Trying a new way to a desperate patient seems unethical. Nevertheless, the author seems to be thinking that since it is the only shot to the patient’s life, it is worth making an effort.
Contextualize (5pts)
Who may have been the intended audience for this source?
What effect did that audience have on shaping this source?
What effect did the author intend to have on that audience? The audience of the source may have been desperate patients and conservationists in the society.
The audience had a great effect on the source by shaping it in the right direction. It is safe to say that much of the information in the source is now widely accepted.
The author intended to encourage the audience and challenge established laws on drugs and…

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