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Article Analysis

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In the article, three authors have been mentioned to have taken part in the writing. The authors were, Roger W. Morrell Christopher B. Mayhorn and Joan Benett. The primary limiting factors in the research according to the article are:
The responses might be based on biasedness hence giving wrong information
The study does not involve persons under the age of 40 years who may have substantial information regarding computer usage in old age.
The number of respondents who were evaluated at the end of the study represented an insignificantly small population size of less than 71% of the initial 550 people.
The total sample size in the research was 550 participants of which all were aged 40 years and above. From the population, 392 responses were returned representing around 71% of the respondents with 11 not scoring because demographic data was missing. Therefore, only 381 responses were valid (151 men and 230 women). Of the participants, 108 were middle-aged (40-59), 181 were young old adults aged (60-74) while 92 were old old adults aged (75-92).
The uncontrolled variable experience might have been the issue of self-esteem among the participants. It could affect the outcomes with responses not being valid.
One of the assumptions made was that of self-esteem among the respondents while the other one was the assumption that most of the teenagers and young people use computers more than the old aged.
The research was…

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