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Google Chrome Change in Login Requirements Article Summary
The article posted on Business Insider website on 24th September 2018 discusses the changes in Google chrome login requirements and its privacy implications. Conferring to the report, the changes in the web browser logged people into Google without the users’ consent which directly violated people’s privacy since logging into Google submitted the users’ browsing history to Google servers. In defense of the company managers, according to the article the managers claim that users are offered a synchronize option before signing into Google on chrome browser. The writer also claims that Google patched the login requirements on Google chrome updates without updating their users. The article also criticizes the actions by Google and refers to the approach as deception since users are forced to give up their history unwittingly.
In the current age of information, privacy is a critical element of any platform use over the internet following most of the platform’s terms and conditions as well as their privacy policy. The article is hence essential since it depicts and criticises the deception where users are tricked into giving up their information which amounts to a violation of their privacy. It also apparently offers a chronicle of events that show that Google had no intention of notifying their users of the login requirements updates since the company updates the changes wit…

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