Art, censorship, and the first amendment

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Art, censorship, and the first amendment

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Art, Censorship and the First Amendment
Suppression of public communication, arts and media freedom has existed in the United States ever since the amendment of the American constitution. Censorship has been witnessed in general arts, especially in public media and freedom of speech. Despite the first amendment of the American constitution that prohibits abridge of academic freedom, right to assemble, free speech, media censorship still exists. National security has been occasionally used to justify censorship through measures such as controlling what newspapers publish and what broadcast houses air. Restrictions and censorship are carried out by the government due to the failure of media art agencies to comply with laws that govern publication of government documents. An example of such laws includes the 1966 Freedom of Information Act that shades light on the use of classified government documents.
The art industry has not been left behind. This is due to the rise in recent cases where nudity, exposure of pornographic behavior and materials and depiction of homosexual imagery in live performance arts has increased. The Congress has enacted laws that give provision for punishment of such violations amounting to censorship in certain instances. The Federal Communications (FCC) has been vocal in leading the campaign. It enforces laws that illegalize public profanity, indecency and obscenity by performing artists. The body restricts and regulates what content that can be a…

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