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My Ambleside Gallery experience
Art holds a special place in my heart. From drawings to paintings to anything else, that is artistic. Visiting Ambleside Gallery was, therefore, indelible. The art museum is located in Greensboro, North Carolina. It is home to among the most incredible art exhibitions in the world. It has been showcasing paintings and sculptures by artists from different parts of the world for over thirty years now. Their art collections include current and past exhibitions and work from legendary artists such as Guan Weixing and Leigh Rodenbough.
All the artwork displayed at the gallery is exemplary but what stood out for me was Leigh Rodenbough’s work. How he was able to capture nature into such beautiful paintings awed me. Some of his paintings that the gallery displays are the Holden Beach, the Southport Harbor, a cloudscape, and the Blue Ridge mountain stream. I honestly could not get over these art pieces. Every aesthete should certainly make a point of checking out his work.
Another inspiration from his artwork is his story. He practiced law almost all his life and only began painting when he was older. He had always wanted to pursue art since he was a child, go to art school, and paint all his life. However, he ended up studying and pursuing law for the better part of his life. When he was 70 years old, he began painting once a week, at 80, he stopped practicing law and started painting professional…

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