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The Use of Propaganda During World War
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It was found out that the quest for Germany to enhance their anti-fascist movement was set to find a better way of getting prepared for massive attacks. It has also been found out that the European countries concepts in world war I provided a better understanding concerning the use of propaganda for better grounds for enhancing the military strength for expanding the territorial boundaries. The propaganda established a better platform for the European nations to fight back the allies that wanted to take over. The battle for global trade was also the reason for using propaganda in enhancing military force. It has also been found out that Germany established various ways of soliciting people to join the military to develop a better and reliable military force that could fight back against united states of America during the world war II. The use of propaganda was championed after European nations portrayed to be paranoid about the trust that was needed on America and other nations which has robust military power.
Keywords: Propaganda, World War I, World War II

The Use of Propaganda During World War
Revised Thesis Statement
European countries concepts in World War II propaganda better grounds expanding the territorial boundaries let into the effects of world war one that was majorly concerned with the use of propaganda.
Reasons for Propaganda
Main Point 1.
Dance front morale was used to …

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