Arcitechture: The Rebirth of the Central Plan

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Arcitechture: The Rebirth of the Central Plan

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The Rebirth of Central Plan
While the idea of a temple is as old as the humanity, one of the markers of the beginning of the renaissance is the creation of grand public buildings and squares in the densely populated Italy. This not only showed the creative genius behind the buildings but also showed a rapid evolution of the architecture. However, this would not have been possible in a place other than Italy, where constant wars and military campaigns reconfigured the landscape and the edifices, making necessary to rebuild them in some cases (Trachtenberg 14). Hence, while it is true that since the dawn of the humankind, men has looked for places where they could feel closer to the divine, this does not have to be with architecture as it was in Italy where the major amount of churches were built and the place that served as inspiration for the rest of Europe. In a way, Italy served as an architectural catalyst, allowing different styles to converge and change, constantly reconfiguring the city’s architecture. With this in mind, is important to note how the Christian churches were born out of two defining principles, necessity, and devotion. The first meant that with the increasing number of Christians after the Edict of Milan in 313 A.D., Christian reunions could not be confined to private houses and catacombs. Besides, with the legalization of the Christianity, the need to hide disappeared, making necessary the construction of buildings that served as seats for the Christia…

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