Arab americans and the criminal justice system

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Arab americans and the criminal justice system

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Arab Americans and the criminal justice system
The term Arab American has always come accompanied by some degree of confusion and ambiguousness. Who exactly are Arab Americans? Do they identify with a particular religion? Do we consider them migrants, or illegal immigrants? If we delve further into the question, how have the attacks of 9/11 impacted the Arab-Americans living in the United States? Has the number of the population increased, or decreased? Have new laws been set into place, particularly for this community? Where do they sit on the criminal justice system? The more ambiguous the term, the more the amount of questions.
This paper seeks to answer some of the above queries through an in-depth research. It will try to clarify the term ‘Arab Americans’, and throw light on how the treatment towards the people of the community has been affected since 9/11, and also in the recent context of the rise of the ISIS.
Arab American – the term
According to the US Census Bureau, Arab Americans are people who, in the census survey conducted in 2000, listed their home country as a predominantly Arab-speaking country. Of all the countries that were listed as homelands, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, and Syria were the most common CITATION Kay06 l 16393 (Kayyali, 2006).
The migration of the Arabs to America began in the 1800s CITATION Ara15 l 16393 (Arab American Institute…

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