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My 5 hour Podcast Plan
Podcast Name Episode# and Topics Major Takeaways Plans to Implement Time
The splendid table Food from faraway places Learning how to prepare food for an individual who is faraway Trying to implement the art of distributing food to individuals however far they could be, as long as it is manageable In two months’ time
To present your findings you will be asked to serve as a panelist on an (insert your industry) marketing panel. You will share your new found knowledge in a very supportive and encouraging Question and Answers session. Your classmates are on your team and everyone in the room will be cheering for you to succeed. If you are nervous about this assignment, please know that Dr. Evert is planning on making this a fun, low-stress experience.
Below are some possible questions you will want to be prepared to answer.
What appears to be some of the newer promotional strategies trends in your industry?
Some of the newer promotional strategies include smarter packaging such as the realization that two or three types of fast foods can be packaged together if the consumer wants it done so, compared to the older days when everything would be wrapped differently. This has come because of the packaging materials that have emerged. For example, a plastic packaging team has divisions within itself for more natural packaging.
How will you use your new industry knowledge?
I will use this knowledge to help me in a…

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