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Aquaculture consists of farming of aquatic organisms. Aquaculture began in early 500 BCE where the Romans practiced farming of Mediterranean fish and Oysters. The issue with natural resources were identified during human activities of exploration. The initial responses regarded exploration for economic benefits. However, the exploration of natural resource such as water body created need for establishment of various authorities to create awareness for the need to use resources to sustainable levels. America culture has implemented authorities to create awareness to natural resources and also various environmental authorities have been established to address issues of aquatic explorations. Freshwater aquaculture began about 1000 years ago when China began farming aquatic organisms in fresh water (Beveridge, 2002). Middle ages during feudal Europe practiced aquaculture that incorporated farming of freshwater fish. However, aquaculture has undergone various transformations in a modern world. In the USA, aquaculture contributes about $945 million to the total GDP. However, aquaculture in the USA is practiced on a regional basis. Particularly, some states in the USA have put into place policies that encourage the farming of seafood. This has contributed to increases in annual seafood produced in the US (Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2000). In modern-day aquaculture act as the main source of seafood. Significant develo…

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