Appraisal of Systemic Review

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Appraisal of Systemic Review

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Appraisal of Systemic Review
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The purpose of this systemic review was to determine whether vapocoolant sprays could reduce pain due to IV cannulation in children and adults. The systematic review ought to examine the available literature concerning the analgesic effectiveness of the vapocoolants for the two groups under study. Previous research on vapocoolants in the reduction of pain from venipuncture has shown varying results. The databases that were searched include MEDLINE, EMBASE, Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL) and Cochrane Central Register of Trials (CCRT). To quickly retrieve relevant information, keywords that helped to gather information from the search engines included vapocoolant, pain, cannulation, and pain. Two authors did the examination of the titles and abstracts that were obtained. In the pursuit through the databases, a total of 1195 papers were identified. After the identification, about 196 duplicates were found and removed, thus remaining with about 999 different studies for review. Besides, there was the retrieval of 36 full papers for close analysis, whereby 24 of them were executed.
The PICO question for the study was; for adults and children entering the study, is the use of vapocoolant spray as effective as the placebo or no treatment in reducing pain resulting from IV cannulation or venipuncture?
There were three main findings from the study tha…

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