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Admission Essay
I have been thinking and planning on becoming an independent business person all my life. When I first joined the school, the rate of unemployment in the United States of America was high compared to the current rate. As such, I watched people struggle to secure jobs in order to raise their living standards. I always wished that there was something I could have done to at least make a difference in people’s economic welfare. Unfortunately, at that time, I had limited knowledge and opportunity to make any change.
Although the rate of unemployment has reduced significantly, there is still around 4% of people who are struggling with jobs in America and more than 50% around the world. My passion to pursue international business and entrepreneurship has grown over the years. I believe that it will help me attain my long-term goals of creating jobs around the world, thereby eradicating poverty and raising the living standards of the people. Studying international business and entrepreneurship will help me to create new ventures and innovations, thereby making a positive impact on the world economic growth.
Stern school of business is one of the best schools in the United States. The schools possess skilled and experienced lecturers who interact with scholars from their freshman to their graduating year nurturing them into the world of business. The school helps the students to develop knowledge and build experience…

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