Application of Statistics in Biological and Clinical Sciences

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Application of Statistics in Biological and Clinical Sciences

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Statistics is the science of collecting, representing and analyzing data. The science of statistics is applied to various branches of academics which include econometrics, economics, life sciences, mathematics, physical sciences and life sciences. When such data deals with biological or clinical variables the specialty is referred as Biostatistics or Clinical Statistics (Altman 167). This field of science helps to understand the prevalence, cause-effect relationships and significance of an experimental intervention. The endpoints of statistical calculations indicate the reliability, validity and reproducibility of the same observation under different experimental or ambient conditions (Cumming 27-28).
Biostatistics is very important to understand the efficacy or toleration profile of drugs, or the incidence of the specific disease under certain conditions, and also helps to compare the effects of one variable with another. The present article will elucidate the applications of statistical data in the field of biology and medical sciences. The discourse of the article would be on the principles of collecting data, representing the collected data and relevant analysis of such data. The article would provide case study oriented approach to disseminating the data. This will help in practical understanding and implementation of the subject in day to day practice (Health 123-154).
In the field of biology or clinical settings, often individuals are unable to understand the relevanc…

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