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Apple company

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Apple Company
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Apple Company
Apple Company is an organization that has gained fame globally. It was incorporated in 1976 as a dealer of computer appliances (Lüsted, 2012). An analysis of its operations reveals that in about a decade the company underwent expansion and resorted to specializing in dealing in the provision of many more services (Arthur, 2014). The company developed the iPod that made Apple the unbeatable market dealers in music player (Mitchell, 2008). Later, in 2007 Apple joined the phone industry with the iPhone and it has remained successful with more developments to this day (Jie, 2009). Currently, Apple is a consumer goods company and, therefore, efficient evaluation of this organization calls for the diligent understanding of its products and consumers. In this regard, this paper seeks to examine Apple in terms of its operations, global presence and cultural accommodation, marketing/sales, customer service and support as well as community and outreach services and the extent to which social media has been used.
Global Presence and Cultural Accommodation
Apple has demonstrated great ability in the establishment of a global brand that possesses a strong identity (Mitchell, 2008). This, in essence, presents evidence that Apple embraces cultural understanding. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were available on markets of 69 countries by October 2014 with a plan of making these products available in …

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