Apple Company Supply Chain Management

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Apple Company Supply Chain Management

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Apple Company Supply Chain Management
Review Apple s supply chain for its iPhone product. What difference set it apart from its competitors?
The operation edge in Apple s production of the iPhone has made it handle large launches for the product without high profit-sapping forms of inventory. Even with the high pricing for its iPhone product, which its rivals have failed to beat, the company has managed to receive a 25% margin on the product. Apple has managed to survive through the rough supply chain road by ensuring a closed ecosystem, where every piece of the iPhone is controlled from its design to retail.
Apple is currently considered the master at its operations, for its iPhone product, and did succeed because they bought most of the machines and suppliers they needed for the product, and this squeezed their competitors out of the equation. This simple supply chain tactic is effective as it ensures low prices for the company products and their overall availability in the market.
When Apple was buying screens for their iPhone product, they bought so many of them, and this made manufacturers busy in supplying them with minimal time to deal with other companies that are Apple’s competitors. The company level of control and efficiency goes beyond to their factories, where electronic monitors are placed in boxes to ensure minimal leaks and all products that are ready shipped in boxes that are discrete. While in their retail stores, Apple can di…

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