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any topic related to healthcare ethics

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Gender is a term that describes interactions between people and their environment. Gender is different from sex yet they are inseparable. Traditionally different sexes were expected to perform specific roles, and this formed either male or female gender. Gender is constructed culturally through beliefs and behavior, and expectations of the society for each person. Gender role can be defined as the roles that individual are expected to play domestically and at the workplaces. The roles at workplaces vary based on the gender of a person; although some duties can be handled by any genders. For instance, men are entrusted with heavy manual work and women could be given some clerical duties in the same workplace. Another instance, women are more likely to be hired for secretarial posts and men for the executive and managerial posts. In the second example, this is less of gender oriented role and more of a gender stereotyping role as shown in (Blackstone, 2003 p.337). Traditional gender role was created by the assumption that a particular sex is more inclined to some duties. For instance, women were inclined more into indoor activities and men for outdoor activities as indicated by (Blackstone, 2003 p. 338). For the non-traditional ones, gender role is not created by their sexual orientation.
Abortion as an ethical healthcare issue
Universal human rights suggest that all persons have a right to life, in America committing murde…

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