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Any theme from the book

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Media, Popular Culture and the American Century
The book Media, Popular Culture and the American Century is an undeniably interesting book that is rich with the history of a vital aspect of America’s character: “Lights, fame, prestige and to sum it all Hollywood.” Some have the idea that the book does not address the issues that the title and part of the introduction talk about, but that is not a debate that we will engage in today. It involves American jazz, music, film, television acting and such things that may entail the presence of an icon on a screen entertaining his or her audience. The development of these facets is shown in the book systematically. They are expressed in the form of essays with a detailed elaboration of the events that took place and at times the effects that they birthed.
Some parts of the book are the likes of Cinema and Americanization, Americans at the Margin, American Dreams or American Nightmares, America Goes Digital and at the end we have Rethinking American Studies. All these are parts of one piece of literature so full of life and vibrancies oozing with a history that has –whether we like it or not- influenced our present day lives. The likes of slang are explained here in such simplicity as to grasp and understand the cause and meaning of use. However, I will major on one theme. The theme that I will look at is that of Americans at the Margins. It is where we can be able to see the various transforma…

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