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The Negative Effect of Google on the Human Mind
The article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” was written by Nicholas Carr on It generally discusses the effect of the internet on the human brain. The article has a negative connotation on the effects of the internet. It deeply analyzes different aspects of how flow of information has changed over the years. The question “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” makes someone wonder what exactly about Google may be making people stupid. After reading through and analyzing the article, I am of the opinion that the internet does have a negative effect on the human mind because it reduces the concentration span of readers, tends to make people lazy, discourages reading of traditional media, has a lot of distractions and has a negative effect on the social aspect of learning.

The Negative Effect of Google
People looking for information through the internet tend to have low concentration levels. Generally, when people read online material, their eyes tend to move fast from one page of the site to another and even quickly diverts to other sources of information. There are many times when people do not even complete what they are reading (Billout 2008). They generally skim through information to get facts. Studies show that some people may even save the articles but there is not enough evidence to show that they went back to read the saved information. This is unlike tradit…

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