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In psychotherapy, depression is a severe but regular medical illness that negatively affects how one acts, how one thinks and how one feels while anxiety is a state of uneasiness and nervousness about something which you don’t know the outcome. The difference that exists between depression and anxiety can be identified from the symptoms experienced by the victim. The difference between anxiety and depression is; symptoms of anxiety are relentlessness, sleep disturbance, and excessive worry while some of the symptoms of depression are suicidal thoughts, depressed mood and lack of interest in some activities. Also, anxiety causes extreme fear that something terrible will happen while depression results in less worry. Depression has acute effects on the victim like suicidal thoughts while anxiety has less severe consequences such as anxious thoughts (Cuijpers et al. 2016). From these differences between anxiety and depression, it’s clear that Maggie is experiencing anxiety due to the symptoms she has such as restlessness, experiences sleep disturbance and her excessive worry.
The three nursing diagnosis that should be administered to Maggie are; Actual diagnosis, syndrome nursing diagnosis and possible nursing diagnosis. The short-term goal for actual diagnosis is avoiding anxiety, avoiding restlessness and sleeping comfortably and the long-term goal is receiving therapy and medication (Lader, 2015). The nursing intervention is educat…

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