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anthropology case study

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Anthropology refers to the study of humans’ present and past in the society. It is a discipline that narrows down to the human cultural and biological perception. The discipline elaborates the intrinsic cultural variations in the society that seeks to maintain a sense of belonging to every individual in the community. Studies indicate that the aspect has highly been upheld in distinct regions in the globe where distinct communities are known and treasured for their cultural background. In the second condition, the biological perception associates a condition where the study elaborates the development of a human being as an individual. Critically, the discipline explains the biological variation of a human being. The study will engage a fieldwork study asserting the cultural and biological perception about human behavior.

Logically, the research should be conducted within the community. It is a condition where information should be retrieved from distinct communities within the society to enhance the comparison. Such a decision associates the financial constraint in the sense that extending the research to a foreign country will be very expensive. Further, it will be easy to interact with the people in the community and retrieve material information regarding the community. It is an act where the participant will investigate the community and retrieve the relevant information. The research will strategically investigate an in-depth look…

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