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Anthropology Book/movie review

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During the 1990’s, the U.S government developed border enforcement strategy which was termed “prevention through deterrence.” This strategy was implemented through different security techniques and infrastructure surveillance. However, rather than protecting the people effectively and building cohesiveness, anthropology research has demonstrated that this measures only served to extend hostility further, which has been pushed down the throat of the people in the society and governing agencies (De León 68). This paper builds its argument of refuting the strategy of prevention through deterrence as seen in the negative effects perceived through scientific and research analysis of necroviolence since it only serves as catalyst violence among the living as well as the dead bodies.
It can be argued that the senseless deaths witnessed at the Arizona wilderness among the illegal immigrants are the same or even the worst handling of human beings that has been passed down to the modern generations (De León 68). In fact, the author ascertains that this hostility has gone extra further as even the dead bodies are being subjected to hostility. The author notes that “hostility directed at the dead is by no means a new cultural phenomenon (De León 68).” It can be argued that the suffering and punishment experienced while alive is not enough disrespect to the human since corpses are subjected to even worst disrespect. With the cu…

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