Anthrax Article Review

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Anthrax Article Review

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Anthrax Article Review

The article, “Safety of Anthrax Vaccine” by Sever et al. aimed at assessing the safety of licensed vaccines for anthrax administered to over 500 000 people in the US. Thus, it contains a report of all the adverse events. All these events were summarized regarding the type, persons, impact, as well as their frequency. The causality of the condition was accessed by the using the Delphic approach. There were serious implications and the effects of the adverse events. These events had a medicinal significance used in the attribution of the AVA. The study was also conducted within three years, and all the results noted. Samples were taken from the larger population for the analysis and presentation of all the results. Although the study was extensive, it focused on military officers. The researchers used the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System as a way of measuring the effects of all adverse events (Sever et al. 2004).
According to the findings of the Anthrax Vaccine expert committee, a total of over 1800 reports were submitted for the analysis (Sever et al. 2004). All these reports were issued from the first quarter of the year 1998 through the last quarter of 2001. Out of these reports, some reported other medically significant adverse events while others indicated a possible consequence of vaccination. However, there was little evidence produced concerning the relationship between other medically substantial AEs and t…

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