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Answer respond question on page 60

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The main aim of the statistics is to make one understand the in-depth information concerning an absolute fact. When the interpretation is misleading, it can drive one to make for themselves a belief on something other than what the real data is stating. This is the point that statistical data asserts the falsehood. There are some of the cases that the statistical data are cooked deliberately whereas on the other hand other occurs accidentally. When the information delivered by the statistics is false, then it causes statistical fallacy (Royall, 20).
The statistics which are false can be quite damaging to the acquiring of specific knowledge. For instance, the statistics indicate the 48% of the people believe in the USA that Americans who have guns make people safer. In two years earlier the information delivered by the same statistics was indicating that the people who believe in such things make 57% of the rest in the community. This depends on the method that is used to collect the information from the public. Even the experts who are running the processes can be fooled just by a simple formula if they are not keen enough on checking everything.

The misuse of the statistics in such kind of a manner can be either be through the ignorance of the people who are running the new method of data collection or just intentionally. This finally shows that the conclusions of such information are not justified in any way (Roy…

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