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Patient care
Patient care
Chapter 10
If a person comes to the emergency department and requests for the treatment, the hospital owes a duty to facilitate the required treatment within the right time with standard care. The patient has the right to the standard and best treatment offered by the medical staff. Even if the person is indigent, this duty to facilitate faster and required treatment remains the same for the hospital and sort out the issue of payment later after attending to the patient.
If all members of the medical staff are required to take the duty of the emergency department, there are possible liability hazards such as offering wrong treatment to the patient who comes for emergency services. It is also likely to have a lot of negligence on the part of the medic. This is because whoever the medical staff is offering the treatment might not know the area the patient is suffering and lacks experience.
Chapter 11
During the Cobb’s treatment, there was no standard of care, and it is not fair for Dr. Grant to be held responsible for the same when it did not exist (Showalter, 2012). Even though naturally is the duty of the medical staff to observe the standard care when attending to the patient, the liability to the same if one fails depends on whether it existed during the time or not.
The reasonable-patient test is objective because it is factual and relies on the scientific scrutiny thus it tells the exact problem of …

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