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Please describe your high school and what you liked and did not like about it?
The American school in Yemen is an international institution which follows the United States curriculum. I like the fact that the school offers quality education to both genders despite the country’s strict cultural beliefs. What I hate about the school is that the cost of studying is high for the average population who would like to access quality education.
Please describe your family and community and what you think you will miss most when you live somewhere else.
My family believes in supporting each other, and I will miss gatherings that happen on the Eid days.
Please describe your cultural background and how it has shaped you.
Growing up in Yemen and as a Muslim, there were the unpleasant days when I had to follow strict praying and fasting procedures and the better days when everything was good to me. That shaped me to be an all-rounded person and ready to deal with any situation.
Please describe your work and volunteer experience and/or your special skills and talents
I worked with Amazon flex in California for four months, and my experience is that one has to work hard to keep his or her job.
Please describe your hobbies/favorite activities and whatever else you like doing in your free time?
Reading and traveling are my favorite activities but I also love fishing and hiking.
What are the ten things and va…

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