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22 March 2018
Immigration and Colonization
Immigration is the movement of non-citizens to a foreign country. Colonization can be defined as a process where a superior country forcefully takes charge of a lesser superior country. The paper discusses the war between the British army and the French Army it looks at the colonization and the immigration of war victims. The paper also discusses the relevance of this war to today’s world giving a personal opinion at the conclusion.
The war between the two nations ended in 1763 with the treaty of Parris that marked the end of a seven-year war (chapter 5, pg. 140). Colonization had led to white settlers settling in the natives Americans lands. This factor was disrupted at the end of the war when the white settlers had to go back to their homeland. The war had a social, economic impact on the lives of people both the natives and the whites. Thus, after the war, the people livelihoods were greatly distorted since most traders that ensured trade prevailed had to go back to their home country. This factor made the dependents of the trading activities around Philadelphia very poor to an extent they had to sell their huts to pay taxes (chapter 5, pg. 141). The war had great relevance to today’s world where the war had a great influence in deciding the borderlines of various countries that were caught in the midst of the war (chapter 5, pg. 137). The war was greatly inspired by selfishness where the par…

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