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Annotated Bibliography of Stephen Crane’s The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky
BIBLIOGRAPHY l 1033 Michael, M. (2013). Revolvy. Retrieved 2018, from The Bedford Introduction to Literature:
Michael begins by expounding on the author of the book; Stephen Crane, by stating a little bit of his background and books and other articles that he has authored. He goes ahead and gives a plot summary of the four sections of the story whereby the whole story revolves around Jack Potter, who is portrayed as an antagonist in the town with yellow sky and is now returning with his eastern bride. Upon arrival, his antagonist, the gunslinger Scratchy Wilson, who was drunk at the moment, was planning to accost a sheriff as he was disembarking the train, who on seeing him (potter) with a bride and unarmed, he changes his mind. Michael goes on to tell us about the characters in the storyline, from the main character Jack Potter to other characters in the story such as a young man who are minority characters. Among other issues discussed by Michael are but not limited to the theme, the setting of the story, an analysis among others. This article is essential since it directs the reader by giving emphasis in areas that seem unclear.
BIBLIOGRAPHY l 1033 Alex B., B. S. (2016). eNotes: Masterpieces of American Literature. Retrieved 2018, from The Bride, Comes to Yellow Sky: https://www.enote…

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