Anitfederalist Papers #84

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Anitfederalist Papers #84

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An Overview of Antifederalist Papers #84
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History has had a fair portion of views and opinions regarding the social welfare of different groups within the society. Most significantly is the protection of peoples’ rights as envisaged by the Constitution. During the period of drafting, proposal and passing of the federal law some issues were undermined and not included. The result was an emergence of independent-minded individuals who stood firm to defend the rights of the majority. They identified loopholes to get checked and rectified in the then constitutional dispensation. Antifederalist Paper 84, bases on the lack of a particular bill of rights will all the essentials required for proper functioning of all governments (Savoy, 2013)
The author alludes to the views of most Americans about freedom. He claims that by nature, people must be free. According to him, no person should be allowed to oppress others regardless of social class or to base on any of the constitutional loopholes. According to him, the state constitution has sufficiently defended the function meant to get attained if not wholly, by a greater percentage. Though the natural rights of individuals have since been threatened by the same constitution which is seen as the best way the national government can attain control and power, he has still insisted on the ultimate nature of the US constitution compared to other countries
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