Ancient Chinese Technology Persuasive Essay (Printing)

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Ancient Chinese Technology Persuasive Essay (Printing)

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Brigid GibbonsPersuasive EssayMs. HampeJanuary 19, 2018
Ancient Chinese Technology Persuasive Essay (Printing)
The world today credits early China not only for its natural endowments but also for its mind-bonging inventions that been instrumental in shaping today’s world. Arguably, the Chinese culture created a leeway for the civilization by fostering discoveries like mathematics, solar wind, natural disease diagnosis, seismography, just to mention a few. The most exquisite of them all, however, was gunpowder, developed ‘In the T’ang dynasty accidentally in an attempt to make the elixir of life, to make the emperor immortal’ (crystal links 1). The Alchemist drew ideas from the ignition process that used Sulphur and Nitrite. The Scientists experimented with saltpeter, a potassium nitrate oxidant, but were unaware of its explosion level. When they decided to mix this exploding chemical with charcoal, and sulfur, a highly explosive, smoky product, busted out and turned into flames burning their faces and the entire house. By the time of signing the Wujing Zongyao treatise, their experimental compounds composed of nitrate levels ranging from 30 to 50 percent, rendering the canons highly explosive. People cast them through hollow cast iron containers for fireworks not knowing that it would be the most robust warfare medium.

Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 1: An ancient Chinese gunpowder Cannon ready to fire
It is considered instrumental because it led to the use of porta…

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