Analyze of Tim O’Brien’s novel and Wilfred Owen’s poem

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Analyze of Tim O’Brien’s novel and Wilfred Owen’s poem

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Analysis of Tim O’Brien’s Novel and Wilfred Owen’s Poem
The two works by Wilfred Owen and Tim O’Brien are as a consequence of what the writers felt about World War One and the Cold War respectively. Duce et Decorum Est was written by Wilfred Owen as a reflection of his experiences as a soldier during the first world war. O’Brien in ‘’The Things they Carried” writes as though it is fictional, but he does tell of the experiences of soldiers during the cold war. The two writers illustrate the gory pictures of war as it happens in France and Vietnam during the First World War and the cold war respectively. The two works on war seem to target a common enemy, and that is the myth of the values of war. The losses of the First World War did not send a message worth respect hence the Second World War and later the Cold War. The architects of war seemed not to learn anything from all the losses occasioned by the wars. Different military strategies, technology, and politics existed at the different times but what remained constant is the tragedy of human life. Government and the army propaganda give praise to wars and lie to citizens how democracy and liberty among other values get promoted through combat. A close study of the two works unearths the true nature of war which contrasts in its entirety with government rhetoric on the virtues of war; war is a hopeless, ridiculous and disastrous affair.
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