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Analysis of emotions during Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto
When a composer plays music, the audience tends to feel certain emotions towards the music as the play progresses. Emotions are felt when the music player makes movements in particular time of the music play. Any form of emotion that is created during the composer of specific music represents a different sort of excitement that will be felt by the student. The following is a discussion on the emotions that are likely to be perceived by students during the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto.
Music has a potential of eliciting an emotional effect to the listeners and composers usually apply a specific emotion for every movement that they make. Fortspinnung is a form of action where the composer spins forth, and this indicates a continuous development of a single them in the music play (Lee, min 2). When the composer rotates forth, it is a representation of hardship emotion which shows how a person who has undergone hardship in life takes their time to make meaningful efforts towards the betterment of their lives.
In the process of the music, the students who are the audience feel a moment of searching for identity and love encounter (Lee, min 5) and this is shown by a cadenza at the end of the very first movement the composer makes.
There is a double exposition of mixed emotions when the composer makes the first movement. During moment…

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