AnalysisofemotionsduringSchumannSymphony revised

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AnalysisofemotionsduringSchumannSymphony revised

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Analysis of emotions during Schumann Symphony
Emotions are developed during the moments when a composer uses different tones in the musical instruments. Emotions are represented by various movements and actions by the composer. From the beginning in the min 1 to around min 3 the composer begins with a tone that creates a surprise among the students. The students will feel excited and eager to comprehend what they should expect in the next sound that will follow in the composition. When you want to understand the emotions the music expresses, it is essential to be careful with the rhythms and the tones including the look at the eyes of the composer.
In min 4: 04 the composer makes an almost spinning movement to express a feeling of agitation towards doing something motivating. The students who are the listeners feel they are achieving an ultimate goal of their struggles. Sometimes the tone is used to express love and devotion for example in min 6:17 the composer raises the sound of the musical instrument. When the music increases, it represents the passion and dedication towards the achievement. When the sound lowers for a long time like in min 3:00 later it is showing sadness and moments of hardship when one feels discouraged with life.
The tone repeats with a consistent and continuous high to low tones in the min 8:22 making the students to feel a life situation when happiness and joy e…

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