Analysis on part two of Camera Lucida by Barthes Roland

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Analysis on part two of Camera Lucida by Barthes Roland

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The main objective of the project Camera Lucida by Barthe is to come up with a different new observation mode and ultimately lead to the creation of a new conscious through the use of photographs. His effort is directed towards the coming up with a new customized framework entirely different from the already existing modes of representing and accounting of images. In his work, Barthe attempts to have an account on the vital roles of emotions as well as subjectivity in the mode he uses in accounting for photography. To determine what makes photography a different mode of representation from all other forms, Barthe begins by noting the symptom of “disorder.” This renders the photograph unclassifiable meaning that a photograph mechanically repeats scenes that existentially could never have been repeated.
According to Barthe, there is a duality of the characteristic in some photographs due to the co-presence of two discontinuous elements referred to as the punctum and the stadium (Batchen 34). The stadium is the range of meanings that are obvious and readily available to each person. Stadium implies that the image is a blended, independent representation and its meaning can be read without making an effort or in a brief look. Punctum, on the other hand, implies that any pictorial space in a photograph has been ordered most comprehensively and universally way. Stadium explores the interest that people show in photography and their…

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