Analysis of State High Suboptimal

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Analysis of State High Suboptimal

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Analysis of State High Suboptimal performance
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Analysis of State High Suboptimal performance
For a long time, the State High School were shinning in field events in men’s track. However, despite dominating the events, the school had was weak in distances which improved in the previous year after the school hired Coach Carrie. The school track team is led by Fielder, the head coach and among the track runners is Rick, an ignorant and troublesome personality. Coach Carrie has tried warning Rick but he cannot listen to him. As a result of his arrogance and notorious behaviours, Rick does not get along well with the head coach. After failing to listen to the head coach’s warnings, Rick is finally banned from running for State high school’ track team (Rosella, 1998). The ban comes despite Rick being the fastest runner in the school. Efforts to apologize to the head coach in front of everyone fails and Rick goes out of the track and one by one the other team members walk away leaving the school with no track team. This essay presents an analysis of the situation at State High School based on the suboptimal performance.
The suboptimal performance a State High school can be related to the stimulus theory in various ways. By stimulus theory, the idea is that a person’s behavior manifests itself following an interplay between a specific stimulus and a response. As Weinberg & Gould, 2014) note the behavior of Rick and the other team memb…

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