Analysis of Alexandra Michelle Work

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Analysis of Alexandra Michelle Work

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Analysis of Alexandra Michelle Work

There are different purposes for the incarceration system in the United States. It is well known that prisons are supposed to punish those who have been duly convicted of crimes and also to help them reform into better people of society. However, there are some people who are often imprisoned for the wrong reasons. According to Michelle Alexander, mass incarceration is the “New Jim Crow”. Jim Crow was the name given to the practice where black people in the United States of America were being segregated from the rest of society. In her book, she has been able to showcase her as an intellectual scholar and an advocate. This analysis is to shows how Michelle’s idea and work on the book and the knowledge she has gained on the racism and other social injustices shown to the blacks.
Michelle’s experience has enabled her to identify how the blacks are judged and treated specially in the prisons. Earlier on, the American prisons were formed to help in the reformation of wayward souls, to make them better people in the society. However, it is noted that there was a particular trend for the previous four decades that shown a quadrupled increase in the number of prisoners most of whom were blacks and former slaves. Some of the slaves would go to prison for violent felonies that were as mostly self-defense against the whites. It is notable that the southern prison was never formed for the purpose of reform but to control and punish the black. T…

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