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Analysis of a film

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The Martian
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The Martian
According to scientists, it is apparent that there is no technology yet on the Earth that can enable human beings to get alive into mass. One of the research problems in The Martian is that even though human beings cannot get alive into mars, the film attempts to show some of the possible technologies to be used to enable human beings to get alive in mars. Scientifically, before something is said to be possible, it needs several tests and attempts until it is perfect. In the film, astronauts get into mars without getting diseases like cancer which is known to be caused by the dangerous radiations in space. The journey of an astronaut should always be calculated as to and from to weigh the possible threats to their health as well as their life. There is always a risk of astronauts developing cancer while in the journey and therefore rendering the research about the risks associated with the travel to be null.
Another challenge is about the sudden events that are always likely to take place in space, thus making the journey too dangerous. It is apparent that the events are always sudden and cannot be predicted. In the movie, the dangers were not well evaluated before sending the astronauts to space. The dangers not only endanger the lives of the astronauts but also expose them to great risk of developing cancer which is known to be the deadliest disease on earth.
Another challenge in research is the fact where Mat…

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