Analysis of a contentious case pertaining to human rights.

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Analysis of a contentious case pertaining to human rights.

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Human rights are the primary rights and freedoms that the person is entitled to. Every individual are entitled to the right to life, liberty, freedom, and equal treatment before the law. Human right symbolizes entitlement of a person to a group versus the government, and also the person responsibility and the authorities of the state. Human rights are related to terrorism as it distresses both the victims and the perpetrators. In the act of terrorism, the person who is innocent suffers and assault on their most fundamental rights of right to live in harmony and rights for security (Pinker, 2011). In a country, some of the political violence in war, state, and non-state terrorism, and counter-terrorism tend to make the innocent person be denied the right to security.
To destroy the act of terrorism so that to mention the human rights, the society should take a step to study the causes, main selections, and the cost of terrorism. The society should also explain the history outline of terrorism and explain how the it has progressed over time. In the United States, before the terrorist act took place, the topic of terrorism had already merged in the national discussion. Terrorism is unstated as a type of violence that violate the human rights. In order for the United States of America to secure economic and security interest in their country the used terrorism that help…

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