an author has influence on me.

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an author has influence on me.

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An Author who has Influence on me
The author who has influenced me the most is John Lewis who currently serves in Congress. Before he joined Congress, John Lewis was a leader of the Civil Rights Movement where he played a significant role in the achievement of various objectives of the movement. John Lewis has a lot of influence on me as his books have taught me about the Civil Rights Movement, and what was achieved through nonviolent resistance. Notably, I have enjoyed his memoir “Walking with the Wind,” and this reaffirms his influence on my life. In this book, John Lewis offers his account on several aspects of the movement by discussing some of the marches he had participated.
In one of the chapters of the book, John Lewis discusses the “Bloody Sunday” march which was organized by various Civil Rights Movement leaders. However, one of the notable figures expected to show up for the event did not show up. John Lewis explained that Martin Luther had missed the march due to a fear of his life. Indeed, the events that would follow the parade indicated that Martin Luther was right. For example, the demonstration led to the jailing of some activists; the events of that day made Lewis and other organizers consider ending nonviolent resistance as the police were responding violently during their protests (Lewis and D’orso 362). I have enjoyed reading Lewis’s memoirs as the issues he pointed out during this peri…

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