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Amy Tan is an American writer whose creations are based on exploring the relationship between mother and daughter and the Chinese- American experience. Her renowned novel is “The Joy Luck Club” which is published in 35 different languages and has been filmed too. To understand the novels of the author, it is prudent to understand the background of Amy Tan. She was born in Oakland, California and was amongst the three children of Daisy Lee. Daisy Lee was a Chinese immigrant who married John Tan, an electrical engineer and a Baptist Minister. The childhood of Amy Tan was very sad because her father and brother died of brain tumors when she was only fifteen years old. Amy learned that Daisy was earlier married to an abusive person and how he tortured Daisy. She learned how Daisy was forced to move to America from Shanghai, leaving her children. Amy later traveled with Daisy to China and met her siblings. The novels of Amy Tan reflected the agony and constraints of mother-daughter relationships, which was based on her mother. Amy Tan was married to Lou De Mattei, an Italian-American and did her Master’s degree in English and Doctoral degree in linguistics. The present article would evaluate the works of Amy Tan by her philosophies and experiences on mother-daughter relationships, especially in context to Chinese immigrant families in the United States.

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