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American Sniper

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According to American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in Us Military History, the author – Chris Kyle was brought up in Texas. Kyle was a perfect shooter since his childhood; he would go hunting with his father, and at one scene he shot a deer, his father congratulated him for the excellent shoot (Kyle et al. 20). Kyle grew up believing he was meant to be a cowboy although once his girlfriend who he caught cheating on him referred to him as a failed farmer. When he was in his thirties, Kyle and his brother were watching television when they saw the news of the terrorist attacks on the U.S embassies in Tanzania and Kenya which happened in 1998. This made Chris very angry and compelled to protect his country.
Kyle took a step further and visited the US navy office where he talked to the recruiter, and after intense training, he was admitted in the SEAL. While serving as a SEAL, Kyle meets Taya who she later married, and with her, they had two children. Kyle is then sent to Iraq where there was a war, and he served his country with loyalty by protecting his fellow American soldiers with his sniper shoots which were very precise. When Kyle returned home – Texas, he has a hard time readjusting to the urban life. Kyle says: “I always wanted to go back to war” (Kyle et al. 469). He is unable to disconnect from the war and several times his wife finds him watching videos of snipers killing US sold…

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