American Indian transition

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American Indian transition

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American Indian Transition
Cultural values and norms are often affected by assimilations while in the native land. The case is similar to the Indians who were living in the United States. The Indians were forced to adopt the American culture such as the way of addressing as well as learning the English language. However, the Indians were taught on Christianity which was not their religion as a way of assimilation. The assimilation process later contributed to both the negative and the positive effects (Trafzer 113). It made the Indians learn the culture of the Americans which made them strong particularly on leadership roles. The paper explores the federal government assimilation process for the Indians.
Indian Assimilation by the Federal Government
The federal government did not accomplish the goal of assimilating the Indians into the white society. The government enhanced the assimilation efforts such as integration of the learning institutions which was to put off the Indian culture through learning. However, partial assimilation is apparent for the native individuals who adapt living in the new environment and accepting its values (Ellinghaus 202). The assimilation experience was critical for the Indians because it made them establish stronger relationships with other tribes. The individuals fought for the rights of the indigenous people in the United States.
Federal Government and Reformers Ways of Erasing American I…

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